Dan Belling

I’m a Ruby Developer based in Minneapolis.

Python and Javascript aren’t so bad either.

About Me

I’m originally from Chanhassen, MN - home of the late Prince Rogers Nelson and Eckankar. I’d like to think I still turned out somewhat normal.

I currently work as a platform engineer for Flipgrid - a social learning and engagement video platform at Microsoft.

Prior to my time with Microsoft, I worked as a software engineer at Gannett, a rails engineer at Apruve and as a software consultant in Optum Technology’s Innovation Garage. I have also taught several courses at the University of Minnesota’s coding boot camp.

Outside of work, I bowl in a league at Town Hall Lanes with some former coworkers, and dabble in tabletop tomfoolery - Gloomhaven is my latest addiction. I never seem to tire of Seinfeld and Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns, and have a soft spot for 80’s college rock - especially, R.E.M. and Big Star.

I hold degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

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Comfort Stack

Not unlike a mattress - this tech list is where I feel at ease.

and of course…

Vim > Emacs

Just Remember:

$ fortune -m computers
All programmers are optimists.  Perhaps this modern sorcery especially attracts those who believe in happy endings and fairy godmothers.  Perhaps the hundreds of nitty frustrations drive away all but those who habitually focus on the end goal.  Perhaps it is merely that computers are young, programmers are younger, and the young are always optimists.  But however the selection process works, the result is indisputable: "This time it will surely run," or "I just found the last bug."
		-- Frederick Brooks, "The Mythical Man Month"

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